Privacy Policy

The Nexus Digital Technology Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we collect, use and share personal information about you.  Privacy is a main priority of the Nexus Digital Technology website.  We work hard to obtain and keep your trust, so we adhere to the following principles:

We will never rent or sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes.

We will never share your contact information with another user without your consent.

The Personal Information Collected About You

We collect information:
We automatically receive from your internet use such information as your IP address, the URL’s of sites from which you link to or leave our website, your type of browser and ISP.

The Use of the Personal Information

We use the information you provide to:
Administer your account with us and customise the service we provide to you.
We will never sell, rent or otherwise provide your personal identifiable information to any third parties for marketing purposes.
We provide you with the means to control whether or not your contact information is shared with another user.
In order to deliver our services, we may share information with third parties, such as the credit card company we use, to process subscription payments made by you.
Enable you to share your information and communicate with other users, or provide (at your choice) your personal details to partners offering combined services with Nexus Digital Technology.

The Information Logged

When you visit this site, our server logs the following information:
The type of browser and operating system you are using
Your top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk)
Your server's IP address (a number which is unique to the machine through which you are connected to the Internet: usually one of your service provider's machines)

Other Information

A cookie is an electronic token that is passed to your browser which passes it back to the server whenever a page is sent to you.
Our server generates one cookie which is used to keep track of the pages you have accessed while using our server. The cookie allows you to page back and forwards through the web site and return to pages you have already visited. The cookie exists only for the time you are accessing our server.

Links to other sites:
This site contains links to other sites. Nexus Digital Technology is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these sites