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Nexus Digital Technology is an Australian based internet and software development company, originally started in 1999, set out to enhance the efficiency and reliably of digital technology. With today's continual growing Internet needs, Nexus Digital Technology provides cost efficient internet services and software development for corporate and business users.

Nexus Digital Technology offers optimal web hosting reliability and our performance is attributed to our extensive experience in fine-tuning our own servers. We have also achieved maximum reliability with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate-controlled environment, and with 24 hour 365 day monitoring of network connections.

Our servers are strategically located on a Internet backbone in Sydney Australia. This makes for a centrally located, very fast and extremely reliable operation for our Australian customers.

Mission Statement

Nexus Digital Technology is dedicated to enhancing client’s business efficiency with reliably digital technology and by continuously providing high quality services.

ABN: 78 951 624 863

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Nexus SMS

Send SMS messages from your computer. From 10c each, No Setup fee and No Monthly Fee. Individually or bulk SMS message service.

Nexus SMS allows you to login to a web based SMS interface where you can simply type your SMS message, the recipient mobile number and click send.

Nexus SMS

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